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Mobile shopping is more popular than ever. But don’t you miss shopping with friends? Your friends are good advisors and help you to make buying decisions. Now it’s super easy to shop on your smartphone with your friends, family or colleagues – any place, any time. Add is a free app for iOS. It enables you to do social shopping. You can start video group chats on any website and browse the internet together with your friends: all in one place. You have questions? We are more than happy to answer them here. If you want to read more about the rise of social commerce, go here. Have the same shopping experience as in physical stores. Online shoppers from around the world are already relying on Add. You can also browse on social networks. Time spent with friends is the best time. With more than 100,000 active users, you can shop on small businesses, ecommerce brands and big online stores. Any commerce website works. Discover new products together, share them on social media. Frequently asked questions Does Add required an invitation? No. Add is open for everybody who has an iOS device. What’s special about Add? Add is the first app that allows you to do co-browsing and enjoy the internet with friends and colleagues. At the same time, you’re able to communicate via Audio and Video Chat in private and public rooms while exploring latest news, trends and products on the internet. And last but not least: Add is free. Why is Add not available on Android? We are a small team with limited resources. Everday we do our best to provide you a great experience with your friends and colleagues. We already started working on the Android app and will again do our best to provide it to you asap.